Professor Dr. Helmut Wolf (1910-1994)

The Wolf formulas for computing state parameter adjustments of the Helmert-Wolf Block (HWB) method can be written out as follows:

c = (SG'i Ri Gi)-1SG'iRi yi
st = (X'tXt)-1X't(yt - Gtc)
c = common adjustments
st = state parameter adjustments for block t
Xt = Jacobian matrix for the state parameters
Gt = Jacobian matrix for the common adjustments
yt = normalized data vector
Ri = I-Xi(X'iXi)-1X'i = residual operator
i = summation index running over the blocks of data.

A derivation of these formulas was reported in:
- Helmut Wolf (1978) "The Helmert block method, its origin and development", Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Problems Related to the Redifinition of North American Geodetic Networks, Arlington, Va. April 24-28, see pages 319-326.

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