Noah's Ark

This boat-shaped rock formation is 157 meters long and represents a "footprint" and/or some fossilized remnants of the 4300 years old Noah's Ark. The facts that have been set out include:

All these stone objects and their geographical locations near Mount Ararat in Turkey comply with the three ancient scriptures as pointed out by Ron Wyatt. [You may download a 6 Megabyte collection of striking .html- and .gif-material on his most important archaelogical discoveries from: wdisk1, wdisk2, wdisk3, wdisk4, wdisk5, wdisk6 onto 3 inch disks, or, onto your harddisk. These .zip-files should be unzipped as such either onto the root directory of the six floppies or onto the same directory of a unit of the harddisk, respectively, in order to facilitate their studying with the help of an ordinary Internet browser.]

Hello Theologians, Archaelogists and Assyriologians! Are these things too difficult to be professionally verified or why are these hard evidences of the Biblical Flood (Genesis 7:18), Joseph, Exodus, Mount Sinai i.e. Horeb in Arabia, Arabia (Gal. 4:25), Sodom and Gomorrah, Ark of the Covenant, Solomon's Temple Treasures, the Red Sea crossing, etc. still unresolved to sciences sponsored by ordinary taxpayers!?

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