Avo Rannat
The Grandfather of FKF

Mr. Avo Rannat was born July 12, 1916 in Tallinn and passed peacefully away today June 2, 1999 in Elva, Estonia. Brother Avo played an important role in receiving and distributing smuggled prints of the Holy Scriptures during the long difficult years of the Soviet occupation in Estonia.
Brother Avo made his family's living by inventing mechanical tools and things. He wanted to patent one of his inventions in 1988 when Estonia was still under the occupation. The inventor of FKF helped him to prepare the Finnish patent application. This obviously was a divine guidance as FKF was invented thereafter in 1989, please see PCT/FI90/00122.
The photo shows Mr. Rannat taking a camelride to Cheop's pyramid in Egypt in the early 1990's.

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