The Vision on FKFware

The invention of FKF was obtained from God in sleep (Psalms 127:2). The FKF patents are made to work worldwide as a gatekeeper of Information Technology (IT) in order to enforce this protection (Zech. 4:10) against the 666 Mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16).

picture Historical Background
Every navigation receiver has since the 1960's made use of a K-Filter (KF) to secure its reliable performance. The basic Helmert-Wolf formulas of Fast K-Filtering (FKF) have represented the Best Available Technology (BAT) of Geodesy since the 1970's. The FKF method was discovered in 1989 and it represents an extension of the Helmert-Wolf method to numerous realtime applications. The ALC company was founded in 1991 for patenting the invented FKF. An important FKF application will make use of the smallest microchips or biochips that can be implanted in valuables or dangerous beasts including, possibly, some of those to be protected. The CALFAT company was founded in 1998 for extending the coverage of the FKF patents over the whole world - possibly up to 100 countries. Both two companies are committed to the practical idealism of the three Quaker pioneers:
William Penn (1644-1718), the Founder of the US State of Pennsylvania;
James Finlayson (1771-1852), the Father of the Industrial Revolution in Finland; and,
Lewis F. Richardson (1880-1953), the Inventor of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) in 1922.

picture These FKF developments are a spin-off of what Jesus Christ did with Finland by sending James Finlayson from Scotland to meet Tsar Alexander I in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1817. Finlayson initiated his revolutionary industrial ministry after having first claimed full human and religious rights for his followers. The Tsar willingly signed a document that certified these rights in Finland that at that time was an autonomous Grand Duchy of his vast empire. Finlayson's divine mission ended up so successfully - though after hard struggles - that V. I. Lenin did not find enough followers for a Communist Revolution in Finland exactly 100 years later. Instead, Finland gave her Declaration of Independence in 1917 and she became one of the most democratic countries on Earth, though Josef Stalin's Soviet Union made several attempts to take over. The "divine seed" sowed by James Finlayson through his self-sacrificing life has borne much fruit in Finland after all the miseries of the War of Finland (1808-1809), the Civil War (1917-1918), the Winter War (1939-1940) and World War II (1941-1945). This seed is now expected to multiply among many other distressed nations.

The FKF Mission
Similar glorious things are now being brought to happen for all nations by a great number of small investors, hi-tech professionals and voluntary business advisors. The FKFware products and services to be developed are patent protected worldwide. Thus, all research, development, production, employment and business openings should be exploited without hesitation as opportunities are still lost due to increasing patent maintenance costs and stringent expiry dates.

The Bible verse of Zechariah 4:10 describes a smart hand-held "plummet" with "those seven eyes" orbiting and measuring Earth i.e. making virtual Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) Geodesy. tiger This old prophesy is in line with mobile high-performance computing (HPC), wireless communication and satellite systems. These new developments are paving way to a superb navigation receiver or microchip that is the smallest possible. It must be harnessed for serving mankind instead of creating fear, slavery and filthy addictions of any kind. The Book of Revelation refers to the most unfortunate exploitation of microprocessors i.e. the 666 Mark of the Beast. This threat can by no means be avoided through giving in to fear. Overcoming requires good faith and perseverance that calls for hard work in determination as already since Noah's Ark.

The FKF Vision
The FKF patents create safe investment, business and employment opportunities. The smallest Light-weight position-Fixing (LiteFix) devices can be exploited. New products and information society services are developed enjoying the market protection. These efforts must first cover a good number of welfare countries in order to be able to create humanitarian relief to the distressed, or protection to the persecuted. This protection is based on the fact that nobody kills a hen that lays golden eggs. Many helping hands are needed for the research and development (R&D), demonstration, consulting, commercialization, business planning, marketing and sponsoring efforts as well as in making FKF broadly known urgently.

Antti Lange Please consider how we could proceed together with this once-only opportunity as a lapsed right of patent is lost forever. Courageous people are needed for claiming human and religious rights in countries where they are not fully respected yet, as James Finlayson of Scotland did for Finland already in 1817. All assistance is welcome from warm-hearted and truthful people. Everybody can find something to do with his or her talents and join us in this Battle for the MicroChip.

Sincerely yours,
Antti Lange
Patents: PCT/FI90/00122, PCT/FI93/00192 and PCT/FI96/00621;
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