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The Fast K-Filter (FKF) is by far the fastest KF method that quite generally applies to the real-time high-precision calibration of most sophisticated sensor systems. Every absolutely reliable light-weight hybrid navigation or position fixing (LiteFix), vehicle piloting, process control, routeing, security, fire alarm and environmental observing system as well as high-speed ATM data-transmission and other time-critical surveillance systems etc. require it. FKFware comprises patents, software, hardware and netware.

The SUPERNAVIGATION receiver outlined below is based on a wristwatch, palmtop, communicator or notebook computer that is capable of performing the functions of an optimal KF logic unit through exploiting FKF as specified in patent descriptions: PCT/FI90/00122, PCT/FI93/00192 or PCT/FI96/00621.


The overall system concept in FIG. 1 comprises a centralized sensor, remote sensing, data processing and transmission subsystem (3) of, say, a national weather service and a hybrid satellite navigation receiver. The database unit (2) running on the notebook PC contains updated information on control (4) and performance aspects of the observing systems as well as on auxiliary information such as geographical maps. Based upon all these inputs, the logic unit (1) provides real-time 3-dimensional visualization (5) on what is going on or will take place in the near future. Dependable accuracy information will also be available providing that the well-known stability conditions of optimal K-Filtering are satisfied: i.e. Controllability and Observability.

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