Mr. Antti Lange, Ph.D., who worked part-time as a senior analyst of the Finnish Meteorological Institute, is challenging Christians all over the world to take part in the battle for the most precise navigation receiver ever. Because, if it results in wrong hands, it may soon turn out that remote controlled toys, drones and robots become the most nasty weapon of terrorists and mafiosos.

Geodesists measure their fixed points with as high as millimetre-class precision with the aid of signals from the US Global Positioning System (GPS), Russian GLONASS, Chinese BEIDOU and European GALILEO satellites as well as from many Local Based Services (LBS), using the so-called Helmert-Wolf blocking solution method. However, the corresponding precision in navigation has been only in the metre class. Dr. Lange was deeply involved in the research and development (R&D) efforts of the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) for creating modern meteorological infrastructure through which the positioning of moving objects such as the radiosondes can now be brought to much the same class of precision as Geodesy. What makes the matter of utmost interest, is the fact that it was Antti Lange who was the first to discover how the geodetic computing can be reliably applied also for the navigation of driverless cars and vehicles. In 1990, he successfully submitted his first international patent application under the title "Apparatus and Method for ... Fast K-Filtering (FKF) ..."

In the Scorching Dessert

The world-wide patenting and maintenance of my FKF invention has demanded such great efforts that it would no longer be possible with my own resources only, says Lange, if ordinary Christians were not taking part as investors into tomorrow's high-technology through a few "paper" companies. On his webpages Lange gives the Mission Statement describing objectives and visions of his FKF patents, i.e. to offer global market protection (Zechariah 4:10) against the 666 mark of the beast (Revelation 13:16) by using them as so-called "gate-keepers" of Information Technology.

- In practise this has been like running in the midst of poisonous snakes in the scorching dessert, for the patents have to be kept alive by duly paying each country's annual maintenance fees, clarifies Antti Lange. The last FKF patents are running their 19th year while still waiting for their commercial breakthrough. This has become very expensive because the patent fees rise geometrically in the course of time. Usually patents endure for about 20 years depending on the country.

- On the other hand, it must be remembered that if this patenting had not started 26 years ago, it would now be completely impossible to get the currently on-going fourth generation patents granted. Namely as, a completely new patent always requires a much greater inventional step than consequtive patents. Having kept an eye on the market trends and development, Lange believes that the breakthrough is close at hand. Far-sighted experts of the MOBILE positioning and navigation industry see that a race is about to start on accuracy and reliability.

- However, people still accept proposals for a GPS receiver with an accuracy of a few metres. In the real world, nothing can be automatically guided with an accuracy of metres. Cars have to be driven with an accuracy that is far better than that of half a metre, reminds Lange.

The Mark of the Beast or a Promised Land

Antti Lange sees logistics as the most important application of the navigation technology, such as all sorts of maintenance, service, trade, the guidance, assembly and distribution of items, the surveillance and supervision of different situations and circumstances with the help of robots, etc. One should neither forget the military industry nor fight against terrorism.

- A big question will be, who will control the trade. It is here that we get involved with the mark of the beast. In many contexts it has already been warned that the microchip might become the mark of the beast, remarks Lange. This interpretation, however, according to him, is mistaken. Instead, the microchip should be thought of as the "Promised Land." There will, however, be a great battle concerning whose hands it will end up in. Will it be the honest, God-fearing people, or the greedy who are interested in making money by any means?

- In the hands of greedy people it might well work for the 666 mark of the beast, but if it stays in the hands of honest people, it will become the chip of God's church, explains Antti Lange.

Modern Puritanism

The battle has however already begun. The sole proprietary right to acquiring the best possible accuracy and reliability in positioning will become an important competitive factor in modern logistics and trade.

- I know my God-given responsibility in these matters, so these FKF-patents will not be handed over into the hands of capital that greedily seek their own interests only, Lange adds, and explains that the church of God is in much the same sort of situation as the Puritans were in their time. They experienced persecution in Europe and left for the New Continent to build themselves a whole new society. They wanted to freely serve God without being prevented or forced to pay taxes to greedy officials. By the way, they called their sole proprietary rights to the American continent as PATENTS!

Today, Lange senses that our freedom to work honestly is in much the same way being threatened by large amounts of greedy and sinful capital.

- Large amounts of capital can strangle all independent forms of practice by its own mass, if God would not intervene, he remarks.

- God has now entrusted one important factor of modern logistics and trade into the hands of Christians as a sole proprietary right in the form of these global FKF-patents. These proprietary rights will also help to enable and finance the salvation of millions of people, in other words, the completion of the number of heathens to come in and, consequently, Israel's restoration.

With Integrity of Heart

According to Lange, as we approach the last days, the forms of ownership will change. It will not be important what piece of land you own, but which elements of commerce you control. During the earlier years, Lange remembers having as a Christian experienced political persecution, when he was accused of opposing the friendship (YYA) treaty between Finland and the former atheistic Soviet Union. While praying and seeking God's help to these situations, he was reminded by the Bible that God powerfully helps those who are at His service whole-heartedly.

- And this integrity of heart is weighed daily. Are you bold enough to put your income, your position, and your future prospects in jeopardy, by acknowledging God and trying to save even others, although the official signal from your boss may threat with being fired? Who do you fear more, your earthly boss or God? Personally, Antti Lange tells how he experienced God's support many times in sleep at night. No matter how difficult the situation may have seemed and still seems to be, God has the BEST card still up His sleeve:

30 years ago, God revealed this Wolf's formula of fast geodetic computing to Antti Lange in a dream and which, 5 years later, led him to discover how to apply it for high-precision mobile positioning and ultra-reliable navigation using microchip.

- Realising the solution to that mathematical problem was such a powerful experience that I woke up and wrote it down, recollects Lange. As a result of that nightly revelation, we now have the third patent generation in the USA also, which is still valid.

A Narrow Way to Life

But how does God keep the FKF-patents in the hands of His own people? According to Lange, the battlefield is the same as in usual evangelism. Some people are more faithful than others.

- Some people pull their loved-ones and relatives into salvation much more powerfully than others do. And due to this weakness in the church, many people are lost.

Exactly the same situation is now represented in this battle for the commercial technology. If the people that are called to fight for these things do not understand their OWN responsibility, other people will hardly be able to do the duty on their behalf. Lange reminds how even Jesus stated that the way to life is narrow and few people find it.

- That is the way it will be in this case, too. We are being sifted and some will be found too light to produce proper fruit (MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN; i.e. weighed in the balances and found wanting; as it was written by God's finger to Belshazzar the king of the Chaldeans before his fall).

Strengthen Your Heart!

Antti Lange is calling Christians to take their places in God's plans. It is not much different to what the Puritans once did; do your work honestly, study as well as you can, and strengthen your heart with God's grace only.

- These things are not taken care of by being so tight about them. People have got to understand that they need to keep on receiving God's grace and love, emphasises Lange.

- In addition to accomplishing our tasks, we must learn to rest in God's grace. In the midst of all of our sweaty efforts, we have to fill ourselves with grace, mercy, faith, joy, peace and hope.

The Battle Has Begun - Are You Ready?

The most paralysing threat in determining the size of our "tent-to-be" is the religious view that churches are only supposed to proclaim the gospel.

- If this is how naively we relate to the current battle situation, Christians will lose the microchip to the Devil just like we have lost television, remarks Lange. During the past few years we have seen how powerful-a-weapon the sexy TV is in the hands of evil. And now, with interactive digital pictures and wireless communications, the situation is only getting worse.

- In those countries that the battle will be lost, we can only hope for God's exceptionally great grace. According to Lange, the final result of the battle will determine for whose benefit normal people are allowed to sell their work and efforts, in other words, whose MARK they have to take on themselves in order to LIVE.

- The microchip is supposed to end up in the Devil's hands only after the church has been taken up. But, until then, God has even given the microchip for the Christians to control. "If you do well, will you not be accepted? And if you do not do well, SIN crouches at your door; its desire is for you, but YOU must master it." (Genesis 4:7).

Windsurfing in strong winds was once Lange's way to relax. It is educational, as in this fast movement he has to concentrate with all strength to keep on feet. Our Creator has such strong winds reserved for us all that it might seem that we are just splashing around like for fun. Spectators offer advice, but let anyone who thinks that he stand take heed lest he fall!
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